Our San Jose Restaurant Story

Thank you for checking out SimpleViet!

We’re glad that you’re not only interested in our delicious food,
but who we are and how we got started!

Who We Are

We are a Vietnamese family who values tradition and innovation.

We believe delicious food, made with fresh ingredients, is what brings people together.
However, we understand that making a healthy choice isn’t always affordable or convenient. Hence, SimpleViet was born.

Our Promise

We make simple meals to satisfy simple pleasures.

We are bridging the gap between the busy working professional and the stay-at-home chef.
Our mission is to serve incredible Vietnamese cuisine while making the most of today’s technology.
This means that you can quickly place custom orders online or in our very own restaurant.
It’s not JUST the food that makes us great; it’s about the fun experience!

Our Difference

We‘re reinventing the way traditional vietnamese cuisine should be served.

  We’ve taken original Vietnamese recipes and brought them back to the modern, fast and not always healthy life. We deliver the simple, fresh and tasty Vietnamese cravings to the fast-paced good-food-lovers via online ordering system.

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The essence of
Vietnamese Cuisine.


No deep-frying or food freezing,
we only use fresh ingredients


Yes, flavoursome Asian food
made with love and care.

Our regulars say

Want to join our team?

We’re always looking to add positive thinking and motivated people to our San Jose restaurant crew.
Regardless of your experience level, if you are a keen individual who wants to help serve tasty food to the masses, then…